Reasons to Attend the ITSO San Francisco Summit

Invite-only Attendee List: The ITSO San Francisco Summit brings together CIOs and top IT executive across several industry verticals, which means that you'll be meeting with your peers. They'll understand your challenges and be able to celebrate your wins because they're in the same boat.

Networking Opportunities: Technology leaders need to network with other IT leaders. It's that simple. The ITSO San Francisco Summit allows you to catch up with familiar faces and make new business contacts.

Intimate Environment: The ITSO San Francisco Summit agenda is designed to ensure that your ideas and opinions can be shared with your peers. Huge technology conferences have a place, but why become another face in the crowd?

ROI: At your organization, ROI is expected. The same is true at the ITSO San Francisco Summit. We expect our attendees to achieve ROI, leaving the event with new ideas, new solutions and new industry contacts.

Balanced Agenda: The ITSO San Francisco Summit agenda balances panel discussions with networking breaks, case study presentations with four-course meals. We'll make sure that you're productive, without being overwhelmed.

Productive Environment: The ITSO San Francisco Summit includes keynotes, panel discussions, case studies and one-on-one meetings. You’ll be away from your desk, but still making strides on your organization's current goals.

Learning Opportunity: To make the best decisions, you need to be up-to-date on latest IT trends. We determine which topics really matter and make sure you get the chance to discuss them with your peers.

Step Back: Day-to-day tasks can cloud your thinking. Look at the big IT picture. The ITSO San Francisco Summit will allow you to tackle the technology issues that matter.

Focused and Efficient: The ITSO San Francisco Summit will keep you focused and productive throughout the exclusive event. Stay ahead of the technology curve by examining the IT issues that matter to you.