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A forum for IT leaders to discuss IT Service Optimization

Over the last few years, IT organizations and their leaders have come upon a significant fork in the road. One path is a continuation of much of the work that these groups and individuals have been involved in since the advent of the IT department; those operational tasks that allow the business to run efficiently and effectively. The other is a path of innovation and transformation, to a changed role that is not using technology to address business problems in a reactive manner, but is understanding what business challenges need to be resolved and proactively building technology solutions to solve them.

Increasingly IT leaders are taking this second path, whether through their own volition or at the insistence of their business peers. This path of innovation and transformation holds tremendous benefit for the IT department, and the organization as a whole, and the opportunity to define new market places, to build unique products and services is one that simply cannot be ignored.

In this rush towards innovation and transformation however, operational requirements cannot be simply forgotten, ignored, or left behind. IT leaders must continue to invest in their operational responsibilities, but in light of the vast importance placed on the competing transformation path, however can they make the time, free the resources, leverage the funds?

IT Service Optimization is the essential process by which IT leaders can walk both paths simultaneously, and the IT Service Optimization San Francisco Summit is the unique opportunity for leading IT thinkers to collaborate on IT Service Optimization challenges and trends. Attending CIOs and IT executives engage in peer-on-peer networking, while discussing the issues currently affecting CIOs from a variety of industries.

As an IT leader, now is the time to produce real business value for your organization. We at CDM Media know that in order for you to take time out of the office, it must be time well spent. The IT Service Optimization San Francisco Summit agenda offers a balanced schedule of focused educational sessions and networking opportunities that will maximize your time and efforts, providing you with ideas and strategies truly capable of changing business practices.

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